The below isa bunch of Alliance, world, and Private chats, Regarding Tricky, and his conduct.

As an officer of the alliance it is my duty to bring this to people's attention. This sparked after I told Tricky I would send troops to help him, when he told the alliance chat a member of the aliens aliance got themself kicked just to attack him.

[World]<21:39>[DarkAlice]: oh Tricky just you wait I`m gonna get youuuuuuuuu
[World]<21:39>[KrisKris2]: Think what is funny?
[World]<21:41>[StDaniel]: im hoping for a host or vh to get on here and diffuse this
[World]<21:42>[Elmo]: Diffuse what?
[World]<21:42>[KrisKris2]: I'm waiting :)  Tricky..
[World]<21:42>[DarkAlice]: we are gona get you Trickyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[World]<21:43>[DarkAlice]: we are gonna make you pay for all your smartmouth remarks and for being a raciast pig

[Alliance]<21:07>[Fabool]: I have 6 full wave on the way to your 12.
[Alliance]<21:07>[Tricky]: Ty soo much Fabool
[Alliance]<21:07>[StDaniel]: u need troops in that HC ?
[Alliance]<21:08>[Tricky]: more then you know
[Alliance]<21:08>[Enity]: i'm going to say that u don't need them....or do u?
[Alliance]<21:08>[Enity]: mine anyway
[Alliance]<21:08>[Fabool]: 2 waves are a lv 9 Rally point with war enisins though.
[Alliance]<21:09>[Tricky]: this is their 2nd time attacking
[Alliance]<21:09>[Enity]: what r u sending?
[Alliance]<21:09>[Fabool]: mostly wars.
[Alliance]<21:09>[Tricky]: got another wave cumin
[Alliance]<21:11>[Fabool]: but there are a few mixed waves. Including 410 catapults and almost 100K archers. 

 [Whisper]<21:22>From [StDaniel] : just between us do you know why he is being attacked?
To  [StDaniel]: nope... do you know?
[Whisper]<21:25>From [StDaniel] : yup, he was running his mouth as usual an called someone a NIG*ER
[Whisper]<21:25>From [StDaniel] : im not planning to help someone like that
To  [StDaniel]: Okay, well I don't approve of our allies trying to take an HC from us. Regardless of the reasons. The should have contacted the staff here.
To  [StDaniel]: I'm sure we would have delt with him. But an attack on the alliance is still an attack.
[Whisper]<21:29>From [StDaniel] : ive known this fool for over a year here in na14, he has no place in any alliance that has any ethical code at all
To  [StDaniel]: I understand, and if what you say is true, He should be kicked out, and we should be spam bombing his HC.
To  [StDaniel]: But He is a Prest, and I'm an officer,unless a host of vice host tells me to call back my troops, I'm still going to protect an HC we own
[Whisper]<21:36>From [StDaniel] : he is on world chat under his second account trick, taunting aliens players
[Whisper]<21:36>From [StDaniel] : trying to start a full blown war i believe
To  [Tricky]: Are you taunting members of the aliens alliance? did you call one of them a Nig*er? is that why they are attacking?
[Whisper]<21:42>From [Tricky] : I didnt call them a n*ger
To  [Tricky]: do you know why they would be attacking an ally then?
[Whisper]<21:44>From [Tricky] : They dont like me ?
[Whisper]<21:44>From [StDaniel] : u watching world chat?
To  [Tricky]: Do you know why they would not like you?
[Whisper]<21:45>From [Tricky] : cause i have a smart mouth
To  [StDaniel]: Kinda. Going back and forth.
To  [Tricky]: please explane this comment, [World]<21:43>[DarkAlice]: we are gonna make you pay for all your smartmouth remarks and for being a raciast pig
[Whisper]<21:48>From [Tricky] : If you believe her fine ... go ahead ...
To  [Tricky]: I'm not taking sides, I'm only asking for your side of the story.
[Whisper]<21:50>From [Tricky] : Every one was callin' me a dog ... thats how i talk ... and now they think  im racist ....
To  [DarkAlice]: As a member of the Vice Alliance, May a Please ask why you are after one of our number, Tricky.
[Whisper]<21:53>From [DarkAlice] : ask StDaniel I all ready told him
[Whisper]<21:54>From [DarkAlice] : plus he thinks cause he is in your allaince he is safe and can run his mouth
[Whisper]<21:55>From [DarkAlice] : he was in w/c runnin his mouth on both his accounts ealier
To  [DarkAlice]: I'm in a hard palce here. As an officer, I have to help defend our members. But I in no way approve of people taunting our alies.
[Whisper]<21:58>From [DarkAlice] : we will get him sooner or later
To  [DarkAlice]: I have half my armies moving in to defend his HC. Do you have any proof of misconduct that would be enough for me to withdraw my support?
[Whisper]<22:00>From [DarkAlice] : you do that if u want but  LordCaedus was on when he first started talkin chit in world
[Whisper]<22:01>From [DarkAlice] : that 12 u want to protect from us was our 12 in the first place lol
[Whisper]<22:02>From [DarkAlice] : when he was in Aliens he was a rude raciast pr*ck
[Whisper]<22:02>From [DarkAlice] : so go ahead and protect him if u want
To  [DarkAlice]: I'm sure it has changed hands a few times. But understand I do not support his actions, just my alliance.
[Whisper]<22:04>From [DarkAlice] : do what u have to do
[Whisper]<22:06>From [DarkAlice] : he will be kicked out your alliance soon too no alliance keeps him long
[Whisper]<22:10>From [DarkAlice] : BTW there is no one attacking him right now lol