Dark Lord Rivin


This Page is Deticated to my longest running roleplaying character in the StarWars Roleplaying Community. This character started it's life in a number of Short Stories back when I was in Grade 6 (1994), Cropping up in Stories over the years, and eventualy found it's way to the Star Wars Roleplaying Community In the Talk City Star Wars Roleplaying Chat Rooms back in 1999. Years of RPing this character in the Chat Rooms, personal short stories, and Paper Based RPGs,  eventualy lead to Rping on Message Boards, starting With the EZBoards in 2000, moving to SWFans in 2003.

Since then Rivin has tormented NPCs and Player charcters in many message boards including Meras, Aramir, Circle of Healers, Omwat, and Many other boards which no longer exist. Most of Rivin's Newest work is collected ether in my Offline stories, and at Circle of Healers on the Yuku Message boards. 

Here is his Bio, and as many of the collected works of his RPing Life that I could still find, though many of the RP Threads are Incomplete, or were unable to be gathered due to being posted on Chat rooms, or on Message boards that have Deleted, this is not yet his complete story. Though I am slowly rewriting his story that has been lost.

Full name: D'lar Razdan Rivin
Age: Unknown, it's hard to tell, and he's not telling. 
Race: Human or Human Like, Who really knows these days.
Rank: Sith Master (From Aramir, TalkCity, Omwat) Sith Knight (From TSO at SWFans), Self Proclamed Sith Lord  
Affiliation: Himself, His Crime Syndacte, and His Apprentices(In that order)
Master: J’tal Silvax (Dead)
Hair/Eyes: Black/Dark Blue
Weight/Height: 210 lb/6'3"
Force Specilization: Lightsaber Combat, Self Enhancement, Energy Manipulation, and Telekenisis
Other strong skills: Hiding in shadows, Force Lighting, and hiding his presence through the force.
Primary Weapon: Two Single bladed Red lightsabers
Home: Where ever his feet take him
Home Planet: An Unknown backwater planet  

Jezreal Darkshard (Passed off to others on his departure)
Zatania Duvall (MIA)
Lord Talzen

Physical Description:
Rivin, A tall and muscular man due to his many years of Phiscal Training. Though his muscles are not of that like a Boxer or a Wrestler, He is more built like a Triathaleet. His skin is pale, like a deathly gray due to the corruption the darkside has put upon him.

Rivin is a very complex person. Due to his childhood, Rivin has an extreem dislike for most females, expecaly the Children. His Dislike of Females mainly comes from the fact he is afrade of them, and Thus it give him a sence of power and strength when he can make a female Helpless, and begging him to have mercy on them.

He lashes out easly, and is quick to run when things get out of hand. He likes to let others do his dirty work, but will not hesatate to do it himself if he has to or if he is the best person for the job. Though when things go wrong he always finds a way to escape, normaly leaving his thugs to die behind him.

Mother - Samila Tasha Rivin (Dead)
Sister - Nica Cera Rivin (Dead)
Father - J’tal Binith Silvax (Dead)
Wife-to-be - Cilina Xann (Dead)


Rivins Story (Where it all started) 

SWFans: (Please Keep in mind SWFans is the only place where people didn't accept him as A Sith Master. So here, He was forced to Join The Sith Order[TSO], as an apprentince, but was quickly made a Knight. This Rank was only in the Eyes of TSO and SWFans. However they were one of the few places that has not deleted their old Posts and is mostly of what this record contains.)

Watching the progress....(Rivin makes his first appearance at SWFans)

Watching And Waiting (Rivin Threatens Garen)

Looking for Information....(Rivin looks for Info on Neyasha's implants)

Lets Give the group a try....(Rivin Joins TSO)

Still looking...(Hires sombody to kidnap Neyasha)

A test of skill (Spars with Zereth)

Unpack Your Troubles (Rivin states his displesure with how "Soft" TSO Seems)

Just another day or is it?(Rivin torments Aleona,like he did at TC and Faces Sorsha and Athena)

Feal The Pain(Rivin trys to extract Info from Neyasha)

In his room...(Rivin Fights Southstar)

A Child Who Wants to Have Fun (Lorani Joins TSO, Rivin threatens her)

The new breed (feud between Je'gan and Rivin starts)

The A duel for honor(Rivin Fights Je'gan)

The Hunt for Neyasha: Location Last Known(Rivin Fights with Wei near the end. Gets Wei's Lightsaber)

Dark Lord Rivin...(Rivin is premoted to Sith Knight)

A new student for a new knight...(Rivin Gets his First Student with TSO)

Death in the night(Rivin Fights Akrabbim)

A training we will go(Training with Jezreal)

A rematch of Revenge (Rivin Fights Zereth Again)

Watching (Rivin Picks on Valora)

Back On Track(Rivin takes on Zatania as a student)

Let us look(Rivin Helps Zatania)

Getting ready for a big BANG...(Robs Explosive factory, Faces Marcus & Quay, Kidnaps Vista)

In space, they can't here you scream. (Toutures Vista)

Terms of Release(Rivin sets up ransom for Vista)

Terms of Release: Final Stages(Rivin Returns Vista)

Restoring old Ways (TSO & Empire Talk)

Let us continue(More training with Jezreal)

Playing Jedi (Rivin Fights Southstar Again, Pretends to be a Jedi)

To Smile Again(Rivin beat up Natia & Aleona)

Fight! Fight! Fight! (More Training with Jezreal)

Ice sculpture(Rivin Fights Kes'La)

Let's see you fight the real thing (Training mission with Jezreal)

Opperation: Death - Target: Chandrila (Fights Rognan)

Troubles of Mind (More Training with Jezreal)

Time to Talk(Confronts Je'gan)

Warming Up the Furnace (Rivin and Je'gan destroy another city)

Mind Moving Matter (More training for Jezreal)

The time has come (Rivin Leaves TSO)

Slayers(A meeting with Thalius)

The First to catch up (Rivin is hunted by a bounty hunter)

A change of enemys(Rivin turns on TSO)

To the Abyss and Beyond(Rivin attemps to blow out the supports of coruscant)